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 This is a story about people who can teleport. Like, not in a supernatural way or anything, they were just born this way and where they're from, this is normal. Their names are Alex and Jane.

Due to a literal crossing of paths though, Alex and Jane now find that they're forced to live in a world where teleporting does not exist - so why not become superheroes?

This is a story about a boy and a girl in their last year of high school. How cliche.

Well, except for the fact that this boy has just been told by his therapist to "participate" so he's using this year to really apply himself to life and this girl thinks that its probably in her best interest to move to the forest and never "participate" again. Sounds like a really great time for them to meet, right?

I can remember the cause of every single one of the scars on my body. The one on my knuckle, from when I put my hand through a glass window, on my brow from a radiator when I was three, and on my leg from a thorn tree in the forest by my house. They are my memories, a map of experiences exposed for the world to see. When I was small, I would bare them proudly as though the made up the flag of who I am, never afraid to tell the story to those who would ask. These are different. I am not proud of these markings.

A short story about a little girl and very best friend. Luna and Water, a friendship made to last from the beginning until the end. 

This story was published in the 2008 edition of the Toronto Public Library's literary magazine "Young Voices". 


Two friends are reunited after a long time. Lying on his deathbed, one is looking to settle deal that they made many years ago - a deal that would cost the other a great deal.

This is a script created for use in a short film it has yet to make its way to the screen.  


 A short script where a little girl tries to put to words the indescribable feeling of love.